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Regardless of how much you’re starting with, we’ll help you build your objectives and work towards them by investing in our unique combination of funds. ROOTS is an ongoing income generating product while SEEDS focuses on capital gains.

Supplement your daily life with ROOTS

The ROOTS fund aims to boost your income with weekly dividends that you can withdraw, reinvest, or a combination of both.
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Cultivate future prosperity with SEEDS

The SEEDS fund is a long-term capital gaining strategy where you invest over a multi-year period, with affordable monthly installments.
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Both funds have historically achieved double digit returns since their inception

How it works

Our team of specialists use their financial planning expertise to create and manage a tailored investment plan for each and every client.

Put you at the center

We discuss your goals and what level of risk you are comfortable with

Cultivate a plan

We design a customized investment plan and portfolio

Plant your seeds

We put your portfolio to work and continually optimize it over time

Watch the growth

You can easily track your investment online and call us for assistance

Taking a wide range of factors into consideration, including return objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon to design a plan for you. Talk to us to learn more about our approach to designing the suitable investment plan.


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