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The ROOTS fund allows you to boost your income with weekly dividends that you can withdraw, reinvest or a combination of both. ROOTS is ideal for individuals who seek a current return on investment.


The ROOTS investment philosophy was first conceived in 2004 and its framework continued to develop throughout the years. By 2016, the strategy reached its current form and it was rolled to clients in 2018.

It invests in highly liquid listed products, mainly Nasdaq 100 Futures and acts on volatility through a systematic trading strategy.

The strategy has incorporated advanced Artificial Intelligence within its overall framework, which is proactively monitored over time.

ROOTS has achieved an average annual return of approximately 18-19%.


Enter or exit with 5 business days’ notice
Weekly Dividends
Monthly Payout
$1,000 minimum entry level
Achieved an annual income yield of approx 18-19%

Alternatively, if you are interested in a long-term capital gaining instrument, learn about our SEEDS Fund.


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Our team of specialists use deep financial planning expertise to create and manage a tailored investment plan for each and every client.

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You can easily track your investment online and call us for assistance

Taking a wide range of factors into consideration – including return objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon, we design the optimal plan for you. Talk to us to learn more about our approach to designing the optimal investment plan.

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