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The SEEDS fund is designed for long-term capital growth, where investments are held over a multi-year period. The fund enables investors to receive immediate exposure to a diversified list of carefully selected stocks, with the option to pay in monthly instalments. This fund has historically achieved an average annual return of more than 20%.


Companies qualify for entry into the SEEDS fund primarily based on a thorough fundamental analysis of their business model, with particular emphasis on the value of the product / service offering. Other screening criteria such as market capitalization and debt levels are also used.

SEEDS is an investment program for the long-run, it consists of a healthy basket of diversified stocks, taking into consideration size, style and economic sectors and cycles. Security selection is based on both macroeconomic and fundamental analysis.


Exposure to high quality public companies listed in the US market.
Capture the long-term returns of the stock market.
Affordable monthly installments.
Directly own your personal portfolio of equities
Dividends are re-invested for portfolio growth

Alternatively, if you are interested in boosting your income with weekly returns, learn about our ROOTS Fund.


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Our team of specialists use deep financial planning expertise to create and manage a tailored investment plan for each and every client.

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We design a customized investment plan and portfolio

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You can easily track your investment online and call us for assistance

Taking a wide range of factors into consideration – including return objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon, we design the optimal plan for you. Talk to us to learn more about our approach to designing the optimal investment plan.


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