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Your ROOTS to financial freedom

Since 2006, our investment professionals and financial planners have helped thousands of people across the MENA Region to achieve a wide range of goals and objectives.

Our financial planners help people at all stages of life to achieve their financial goals with tailored investment plans, while our investment experts utilize leading-edge technology and a disciplined, rigorous investment process to deliver consistent fund performance

As an established firm with a strong track record, your wealth is in good hands.

Grow with us
For life.

When it comes to your savings, there is always an opportunity to do more. Boost your income today and build wealth for the future with our easy to understand financial advice and pioneering investment products.

Plant the SEEDS
for tomorrow.

We’re here to help you start investing. We’ve helped people understand the power of investing. Whether you want to boost your income or accumulate long term wealth, we help you reach your goals with our suite of sophisticated investment services.

Your financial situation is unique. Your hopes and dreams are unique. That’s why we work with you to build a customized financial and investment plan designed to achieve your life goals. 

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Nurturing your
life goals.

The plans available are continuously revised and adjusted to your goals. The underlying asset recommended is customized in a way where you can continuously adjust accordingly, with the benefit of easily subscribing and redeeming your investments.

What can we help you achieve?
Invest for your…


Manage and cover your recurring expenditure


Give your children and yourself the best education and opportunities

Special Events

Celebrate memorable family events and special occasions

Life Milestones

Save to achieve a specific aim or ambition in life


Enjoy a comfortable lifestyle beyond your working years

Future Generations

Build a legacy for your future generations


Make donations to a charity or foundation of your choice

Rainy Days

Build an emergency fund to cover unforeseen situations

For a better life,
today & in the future

Whether you’re starting with $100, $100,000 or more, we’ll help you to build your wealth and reach your goals faster by investing in a unique combination of offered funds focusing on income generating and capital gains. 

Your opportunity to grow…

Enrich your daily life with Income

Investing in income generating investment asset classes allows you to boost your income with recurring dividend payouts that you can withdraw, reinvest or a combination of both.

Cultivate future prosperity with Growth

Grow your wealth over time by investing in capital growth asset classes 

We aim to generate a competitive risk and return profile for our investors.

How it works

We have financial planning tools to help create and manage a tailored investment plan for each and every client

Put you at the center

We learn everything about you and your goals, and what risks you are happy with

Cultivate a plan

We design an investment plan with underlying asset classes according to your risk-adjusted return appetite

Plant your seeds

We implement and execute your plan, continuously optimizing your portfolio

Watch the growth

You can easily track your investment online and we can help revise it at any time

Grow with us.
For life

Join our clients that have already planted seeds with FIG.

Start investing in your future, today.