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Financial Advisory & Asset Management

Personalize your financial plan and investments

Through our financial advisory and asset management services, we guide our clients through their investment journey. We also introduce them to funds and offer ongoing asset management services.

Financial Advisory

Our advisory team guides the investor through all stages of the investment journey, all the way from planning to continuous monitoring and adjusting, in order to achieve a risk-adjusted return profile acceptable to the client.

Asset Management

Throughout the years, we have introduced investors to funds with a long-term investment horizon which have provided positive returns through diversified investments strategies (an income strategy and a growth strategy).

How it works

We have financial planning tools to help create and manage a tailored investment plan for each and every client

Put you at the center

We discuss your goals and what level of risk you are comfortable with

Cultivate a plan

We design an investment plan with underlying asset classes according to your risk-adjusted return appetite

Plant your seeds

We put your portfolio to work and continually optimize it over time

Watch the growth

You can easily track your investment online and call us for assistance

Trading in the financial markets and exposure to investment programs entails several risks. Read more here

Grow with us.
For life

Join our clients that have already planted seeds with FIG.

Start investing in your future, today.