Why invest with FIG

We believe that everyone should have access to the financial services they need to build a fruitful future.

We aim to create success and prosperity for individuals and their families.

The key is to put you at the center of everything we do and by forging a life long partnership, we will be with you every step of the way to make investing easier.

About FIG

First Investment Group (FIG) is a Limited Liability Company (Jordan) established in 2004. It is licensed by the Jordan Securities Commission to deliver Financial Services that include Brokerage, Asset Management, Advisory and a licensed Introducing Broker to regional and global markets. 

We are a tech-driven asset management firm dedicated to providing our clients with innovative investment programs and solutions at the crossroads between technology and portfolio management. 

We introduce investments that provide investors with exposure to quantitative trading strategies based on the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques. 

Our dedicated team of investment specialists utilize their knowledge in managing assets, brokerage services and financial planning to equip clients with plans that will help them achieve their various financial goals (retirement, education, housing, expense plans and others). 

The journey to growth

At FIG, our vision is to be the trusted financial partner for your wealth management journey. Our mission is to empower clients on their journey towards achieving their financial needs and investment objectives by offering a wide array of investment advisory and management services.


FIG was established as a brokerage house.


FIG was acquired by investors and became a wealth management firm.


FIG built its first quantitative trading strategy by integrating tools from a quantitative methodology and algorithmic functions.


FIG introduced comprehensive financial planning tools that covers financial needs & objectives for our clients.


Fully automated execution of the algorithmic trading strategy.

The FIG Tree

Our ethos is aligned with the symbol of the sacred fig tree which represents longevity, born from SEEDS that signify growth and ROOTS that anchor the tree and nourish its abundant fruit.
The FIG Tree

You benefit from the very best of both worlds

We don’t make compromises with your investment and so we don’t expect you to when it comes to choosing a trusted partner. That’s why you get the best of both worlds with FIG:


Innovative investing
Available to everyone

We make investment services available to those who have been unable to access them until now


Personal hands-on service
Powerful technology

Our cutting-edge technology helps earn attractive returns, fronted by expert financial advisors that are always available when you need them.


Income boost for today
Investment for tomorrow

We believe in building wealth for the future but recognize that you want to live for today, our investment tools uniquely reflects this balance.

Trading in the financial markets and exposure to investment programs entails several risks. Read more here

Grow with us.
For life

Join our clients that have already planted seeds with FIG.

Start investing in your future, today.