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Investment Goals

People typically have a diverse collection of financial needs and investment goals, which may vary significantly with respect to numerous factors, such as importance and time horizon. To that end, it is our role as your Investment Advisor and Manager to help you quantify and prioritize these needs and goals in addition to constructing the most suitable portfolio for you.

Don’t think you can save enough? Don’t worry, you can build up to it by putting aside small amounts to invest on a regular basis, such as bi-weekly or monthly.

Section 1: Save for Retirement
Maintaining a comfortable lifestyle beyond their working years is a goal for most people.

Section 2: Cover your Expenses
Investment portfolios often serve the important function of covering an individual’s recurring expenditures as they arise.

Section 3: Life Milestones
Client goals may focus on specific needs, targets and ambitions, which tend to be a function of wealth and/ or stage of life. For instance, our younger clients or those with relatively low levels of wealth may wish to save for a primary residence. In contrast, our older clients or those with more significant levels of wealth may plan for a second residence, a vacation property, or other items for their family.

Section 4: Save for an Education, extracurricular activities, certificates and so on
We all want to give our children the best education. For some, the expenditure needed for schools and universities can be extremely high. Take into consideration other factors such as accommodation and living costs for the soon to be student, the possibility of high foreign exchange rates and fees exceeding inflation increases these hurdles further.

Section 5: Save for Family Events
As part of our services, our financial advisors can put together a plan that takes into consideration your memorable Family events, such as birthdays, engagements, weddings and more.

Section 6: Future Generations – Securing your loved ones
Clients can structure plans with FIG for future generations. Our Financial Advisors work thoroughly to put together an investment plan according to their preferences and circumstances.

Section 7: Philanthropy
Clients often wish to make donations to their preferred charities and foundations. Through Fig’s financial advisors, this can be organized as an ongoing donation or reinvestment plan in the name of the organization.

Section 8: Save for a rainy day
We advise our clients to always set aside a reserve funds to cover unforeseen and urgent spending requirements. We recommend to all our clients that they accumulate an emergency fund sufficient to meet necessary expenditure for 6 – 12 months.

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